Ask @NuigurumiKitty:

What do you think about the drag queens & gay relationships being placed on kids tv shows and cartoons? I am very disturbed. People can live how they want but leave the kids out of it until they can decide what the fuck they fucking like and don’t like on their own . This is just unbelievable.

yikes just say ur homophobic and go. u sent this to a gay person

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Im Gay My bf went out with his friends got really drunk and made out with a girl. He came to me clean about it. Now I found a text from him to a friend, saying he was going to fuck the girl. He says it was an awkward joke and not to make a big deal about it. Should I trust him or keep an eye out?

dang man, this situation seems screwed. Probably keep an eye out, but an important part of relationships is communication and trust. Do what you feel is right.

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