Ask @Nullzone42:

If you could make one change to the Magic community, what would it be?

Ban Islands. :P
Honestly, the biggest change I'd like to make is to stamp out the bizarre classism that exists, particularly in the middle ranks of players - it's roughly correspondent with the "Levine Trench" ( ) and the need for the "middling" players to be utterly derisive toward other players (particularly less skilled ones) is beyond me. It goes the other way too, mind - they tend to put pro players on some kind of pedestal instead of just treating them like people who happen to win a little more often.
We all play because we love the game, isn't that enough?

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What is the largest competitive Magic tournament you've played in? How do you feel during competitive tournaments as a player?

Largest event I would count is 570; Baltimore SCG Open about a year ago, I went 7-3 on the day. (I enrolled in the more recent ~650 player open in Baltimore, but went 0-3 drop so I don't really count that.)
I think tactically, so my play decisions are all weighed carefully and I'm constantly re-evaluating my actions (though not really to the point of analysis paralysis - I almost never go to time anymore), which makes Magic kind of a stressful game in general; I've also got the personality of "hate to lose" in the sense that losing feels like I've failed in some way and it's directly my fault, so if/as the game turns against me I tend to stress out even more about what I may be doing wrong.
There's also a little social anxiety involved, since it's a lot of faces I don't know in the event hall - I try to mitigate this by being sporting and friendly with my opponents, so when they get all "game face" with me while trying to do that it tends to throw me off balance.
I think it's largely a personality thing; competitive events by nature foster a play to win atmosphere and that's not really what I want out of the game.

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How did the date go?

Heh, well this is a question I didn't expect!
It was nice. We were at the restaurant for almost two hours; being a weeknight we both needed to get home for a decent night's sleep, and conversation had lulled anyway. I'd still like to see her again. Tried to arrange a movie night this week but that was a bust for her schedule. We'll see how things go in the future. I don't exactly have people beating my door down, so I'm happy to just enjoy someone's company for a while.

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What is the most important topping on pizza. Which topping do you notice the most when it's done poorly?

I feel like cheese is the most important part; a pizza without cheese is just bread with toppings, whereas I'd argue that you could still ostensibly have a pizza with no sauce. Speaking of which, sauce is probably the thing I notice when it gets screwed up. Sweet sauce or too much sauce just makes the whole experience miserable. Messing up the cheese usually just means the pizza is messier and sometimes a little less tasty than it otherwise would be, but usually still edible.

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Do you identify as something other then cis- gendered heterosexual male? You very clearly care about social justice issues, so I thought that viewpoint coming from someone who identifies inside the social norm to be special.

This is...complex for me to answer.
Growing up, I learned to associate a lot of habits, behaviors, and preferences in very heteronormative ways - boys like X, girls like Y, and ne'er the two shall meet, unless you're gay. I know, I'm ashamed of my ignorance, but that's basically what it was. My headspace was kinda fucked up.
But in the last...year, I guess? I've questioned a LOT of assumptions, both about myself and how the world around us defines and compartmentalizes certain things, as well as my perception of it. Breaking down what I know, I was assigned male at birth, have always been treated like a boy which doesn't feel alien or "wrong" to me, and I am interested in women as romantic/sexual partners. By definition I think that makes me cis-gendered heterosexual male, though I admittedly should probably research these concepts more for my own education's sake. Feel free to correct me if I'm off the mark here!
Where it gets hairy is dealing with those assumptions I mentioned - there are a lot of things that are generally regarded as masculine which I really dislike, and a lot of things generally regarded as feminine which I really like. Not simply as "things which I find pleasing" from an external viewpoint, like turn-ons - but things which I find "internally" attractive - that by adopting these things, I improve upon my self-expression in a positive way. And it may just be that childhood programming messing with me, but that fact gives me pause when it comes to affirming the typical identity marker noted above. I certainly think that many of these preferences are somewhat needlessly gendered in binary ways, and I obviously don't think that gender identity is so shallow as to be governed by a set of expression preferences...but I'm not sure that those same preferences don't factor into or influence one's identity either.
So in short, I dunno? I hope this all makes sense. I do try to be cognizant of SJ issues in part *because* I am inside the social norm, or at least the perceived social norm; people matter and just because I'm not directly part of group X doesn't mean I can't care about them and making the world just a little bit better for their sake.

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