As you've become more open with how you present yourself to the world, how have you found that's affected you?

Well, certainly I think it makes me a happier person. A friend recently commented as much, too, that I seemed happier in the last few months.
It also has a sort of cyclical effect, in that being more comfortable with my own self helps me be more understanding and sensitive to others' presentation, which makes me more comfortable with myself too.
It doesn't come without its challenges, though; having had long-standing and poorly constructed ideas through childhood of what certain things represent or mean as it relates to gender identity, being at a point where many of those things are being challenged (by myself or others around me) means that the identity construct breaks down and calls into question how I am defined (other than just simply "I am me", which is sufficient but hard to reconcile with other people; self-definition is as much a benefit for those around you as it is for yourself, I feel).

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