Still feel like PAX East was your last PAX?

For now, yes. There was a lot of good conversation had with people I trust on the subject of why, and it helped me frame my headspace on the issue a lot better. I certainly felt a lot better about the show while I was there than I did just 48 hours prior, which speaks a lot to the environment and the people I choose to keep company with while there. People matter.
That said, I need to find my feet, try some other things, and let my vacation time sort of recuperate after the govt shutdown last fall and the obscene number of snow days we had over the winter, so I'm still not coming to PAX Prime this year, though I would still like to make an effort to visit Seattle at some point. Too many people I care about out there not to!
Once I've sort of explored where I want to be, I'll consider PAX East/South next year (though it would have to be one or the other, and East remains the more accessible, so...)

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