Ask @Nullzone42:

Seen any movies lately? Were any of those good?

Frozen was fantastic and still sticks with me. Thor: The Dark World was also good because Marvel, and also plenty of Loki, Sif, and Kat Dennings appreciation time. Gravity kind of blew me away too, even while I was sitting in the theater and realized that all of the trailers are basically the first 30 minutes of the movie I was still engrossed in the story right to the end.
Those three spring to mind, but I've missed a LOT of movies I've wanted to see this past year, sadly, so not much else to add to the list either :(

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Have you tried Savage Worlds & what did you think of it?

I don't think I've actually sat down with a full iteration of Savage Worlds ever. I have the deluxe edition thanks to the Deadlands project, but my eyes went a little cross-eyed trying to read the SW rulebook; it felt very rules heavy without actually offering any interesting mechanics. So that probably doesn't bode super well for my opinion of the game, uninformed as it may be.

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Do you like League of Legends?

Not really. I was introduced to MOBAs with the original DOTA, and had a fine time with it with friends, but am not a very competitive person and got tired of the broken record of the shit-spewing community behaviors in DOTA and every MOBA I've tried since.
I do appreciate a lot of their design methods, both in game mechanics as well as aesthetics, but they fall into the same category as fighting games or most public multiplayer communities for me - as long as their communities continue to be full of roid-raging asslords, I want nothing to do with it.

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Do you have a mantra or recurring thought that helps you get through the day? What is it?

It depends. Sometimes it's a matter of finding the next "milestone" and just looking towards that. Others it's an overall goal, like when I have vacation coming up. And, hell, some days it's just me chanting "You're not a fuckup" over and over again.
Being able to reach out and touch people on a regular basis (both literally and figuratively) goes a long way, too. Just knowing there are people listening and interested in me and what I'm doing. (One of the reasons I do, actually!)

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Have you ever played the Burning Wheel RPG? If so, what was your impression?

I haven't ever played it. The broad strokes impressions I have of it from listening to others are that it spends a lot of energy setting itself apart from the other RPGs that were popular at the time, which is rarely something I like. I want the game to stand on its own merits, not spend time/energy telling me why it's better than that other game over there. I will freely admit this is a potentially very ignorant position, though.

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