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It is mentioned that whoever reads this dua 3 times (on the last day of the year i.e. this year before Salat-ul-Maghrib), then the Shaytan says concerning him/her “We have tired ourselves with him/her the entire year, and he/she has ruined our efforts, in one moment” and he throws dust upon his face!
Translation of the Du’aa
In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful,
And May the peace and blessing of Allah, be upon Our Master Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and his family and companions.
O Allah, whatever actions I have committed this past year which You have forbidden me from, which I have not repented from, and You have not been pleased with nor do You forget, while You are forbearing with me , though You are fully capable of punishing me, while You called me to repentance after my foolishness before You in committing sins – O Allah, I surely seek Your forgiveness for that, so forgive me ! O Allah, as for my actions that have pleased You in this year and for which reward has been promised, then I ask You O Allah! O Most Generous, O Owner of Majesty and Reverance, that You accept them from me. And do not dash my hopes in You. O Most Generous! And Allah, the Most Exalted, bless our Master Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and his family and companions and grant them peace.
[Kanzun-Najah was-Surur by Al-Shaykh Abdul Hameed Muhammad Ali al Quds]

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It is mentioned that whoever reads this dua 3 times on the last day of the year

You know, there will be people who, after seeing the ajar of those who were put into trials will regret not being tested more.
Apart from this, remember that these trials are a way of cleansing you too, your sins, and can be an opportunity to elevate your rank in Jannah In shaa Allah if you show patience. Do not open the flags of riot against Allah. This will be ungratefulness as well. Look at the blessings He gave you. There are millions of people who would be the "world's happiest person" after having what you have.
Take it as an opportunity to get closer to Allah.
Start repenting for your sins. Look with more positive approach into this matter. May Allah ease the difficulties of the Muslims 🤲Ameen

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+1 answer in: “Pichle 6.5 years se khuda se kuch maang rai hoon. Pyar vyar ka chakar nai hai. Umra, sadqa, wazaif, nawafil, tahajjud sabh mien mang liya. WO nahi kehre kun meri duaoon per. Na umeed hogyi hoon. Marrne ko dil kerta hai abh. Please kuch esa kahen k meri mayoosi khatam hojae. I've lost my faith 😔”

Pichle 6.5 years se khuda se kuch maang rai hoon. Pyar vyar ka chakar nai hai. Umra, sadqa, wazaif, nawafil, tahajjud sabh mien mang liya. WO nahi kehre kun meri duaoon per. Na umeed hogyi hoon. Marrne ko dil kerta hai abh. Please kuch esa kahen k meri mayoosi khatam hojae. I've lost my faith 😔

I don't know what the matter is brother/sister.
But the thing is; we humans sometimes can get into a hurry without being able to see the consequences.
Remember that what is to be meant for you will be yours. There could be a reason why Allah is blocking it or postponing it.
It could be because the time hasn't come yet.
Either it is because it is not good for you, or because Allah is making you wait because He will bless you with something much much better, or may be He will grant it in the Hereafter with such blessings that you, after seeing the blessings, the ajar ,will be like "Alhamdulillah, Allah didn't accept my prayer at that time!"
Or may be you will in the future realize why Allah blocked it and again will be thankful.
Remember , Allah loves you more than the love of 70 mothers . Allah is not in a hurry like us. While asking, ask for the best for your dunya and akhirat. Allah says in the Qur'an:
"...But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not."
Do not let shaiytaan play with your faith and catch or attack you when you are most desperate. Do not lose hope in Allah.
You do your best, leave the rest to Allah.
One of the points of the pillars of iman(Faith) is to BELIEVE IN THE DIVINE DESTINY.
Know your Rab, learn about His attributes, His names and your faith will definitely increase In shaa Allah.

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In terms of Islam, What's the ruling on wishing and celebrating birthdays? Please answer keeping in mind the present scenario. Like some people say that we are only celebrating in confined circle of friends and not posting on social media,but we will wish and cut the cakes, give gifts, etc.

I am sorry that I had given a wrong answer that day when you had asked about wishing too, but here you go, this is an answer translated from a Turkish Ahle Sunnah Hodja (Kerem Önder)
FORGIVE ME for the wrong answer please if you read this passage.
Assalam O Alaikum Hodja.
What is the ruling in our deen for celebrating and giving warm wishes in days like birthdays, mothers day.
May Allah be pleased with you Hodja.
Wa alaikum assalam.
It is permissible to celebrate birthday.
We celebrate our Prophet Alaiyhissalatu Wassalam's birthday every year .
But we do not blow the candles like the people of Kufr do!
There is no drawback or objection Islamically in celebrating days like mothers day, fathers day, or marriage ceremony.
But the content of these days must be organized and practised according to Islam.
For example if gift is bought exclusively only for that day, and in the rest of the days if no attention/interest is shown ,if no gift is bought , the content becomes inappropriate with Islam.
The world in general could show care for one day exclusively.
But we Muslims show care and please our mothers, fathers, and spouses everyday...

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If you are someone who is holding a grudge against me because in case I used your source without tagging you in it, kindly forgive me , it was my mistake.
I hope everyone of you who has read the post has forgiven me ... please, even if you think you are out of this, just forgive me from your heart no matter what and then you may scroll down.
I would be thankful to you if you share this confession on your story so that if I have entered into the Haq of anyone from anyone who sees it from your account,he or she can forgive me too.
I repeat.. please don't scroll down without forgiving...
JazakAllah Khayr.

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+1 answer in: “Notice:”

(This goes for both ASK.FM as well as INSTAGRAM)
Assalam o alaikum.
Today's content is going to be something that you probably wouldn't be expecting to read out.
A correction of a sin or a mistake done in public must be done in public too.
Here I am, the admin of the page Slave.of al.baseer .
There is something bothering me since the past couple of days. A guilt has been built up inside me. I feel really bad about what I did.
Let me try to put things in points ...
1) There were times where I used to use the quotes uploaded by other pages on my wall or stories and wouldn't even tag the person or mention the page that I took it from AND I USED TO MENTION this (slave.of al.baseer) pages' name on the post. I somehow 'feel like' I have deceived the readers , and got into the Haq of the ones I got them from.
2) there was/were time(s) where I used to copy the captions or writings of different source(s) and again put a different picture and add this pages' name on the post.
Or simply wrote it on my story portion.
3) there were times where I used to translate the videos of (a) Hodja and wouldn't mention his name in the caption or tag him.
Those of you who thought I wrote every single word of such posts, I sincerely apologize.
4) I had also written few captions from YouTube channel of someone whom I had not tagged.
5) I have also translated (a) caption from a different place and posted it on my page and wrote down my name on the picture of the post .
6) I dont 100% remember weather I had posted posts of others by removing their names, but if I actually have done this, I again apologise for it .. forgive me for even those that I might have forgotten to mention here. (If any left)
I am going to keep this post here on this page and won't delete it.
I am sorry if you feel deceived.
CONTINUED👇 (please read till the end)

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