Ask @NuriiaHa:

Tell me how to be happy ? Give me your opinion ✨💛

I can’t tell you how to be happy, I sometimes don’t know how to be happy myself, but you can start by believing in yourself and leaving all insecurities on the side. Do everything that you’d like to do because if you don’t then you’ll have regrets in your life. Try to stay positive even when the whole world seems to be falling apart around you. Be confident, kind, compassionate because what you give to the world is what you get back 🤗

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What is your ideal girlfriend/boyfriend? In general, what are your preferences?

I just want somebody who can make me laugh even in the worst days, but also someone that I can have a real conversation with because I absolutely hate small talk. Someone that’s positive and looks at life with enthusiasm. They also have to be very patient because I change my mind a lot and I can be 2 different people on the same week/day lol

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