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Otouotou otoutou notice meeeeeh (exam breakdown)

I will notice you! *voice in your head* "He is your senpai. He notices you, you must call him sempai." *you feel relieved. Sempai just noticed you.* you: "arigatou gozaimasu"
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qalulek Like=r8 d8 biex jekk jillajkjawlek inti taghtihom r8 d8 iblah

Oh. For that person who told me that, kk ill give you a r8 and d8 :) on fb or on ask though???
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Where you do not mind waiting?

... In a place where there is anime showing and sushi is served for free. :P

'No. As big as YOUR non-existent dick. :)', you don't even know who I am, I probably have the biggest one in the world.

Well... touche


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