Ask @OdoamneLoL:

How do you feel when you are probably the best EU/Western top laner yet whenever reddit lists top 3 EU top laners they don't even mention you and even consider s0az to be better than you? I personally hate seeing how underrated reddit sees you...

I don't really mind the community leaving me out of the huni/soaz/cabochard group. It's easier for them to get in the spotlight cause they have the strongest teams in the region (or a jungler) and it's easier for them to perform than it is for me. Right now in the carry meta everyone is shining cause of better teamplay or a top-centric game and they can make flashy plays while in h2k we were still stuck on playing bot-centric so I had to make things happen on my own

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Is OG the only team in EU that can win a tournament without a coach?

They had a coach for almost a year now which helped them prepare a lot for most of the games in the season so they have a good knowledge foundation + they have mithy with insane game knowledge. They lost their coach for just a month now but they have practiced on 5.21 for around 2 months I think so they pretty much learned everything they had to learn. I think Peke acted as a coach for IEM so it wasn't really hard handling discussions and pick&ban. I don't think it matters if it's EU or not, any team that was top of their region/world for months and has intelligent players can handle 1 month without a coach because there were no adaptations to be made,no new patches to play on, no new stuff to figure out so it wasn't as dramatic as you make it to be

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Some people said that at the end of playoffs, Roccat was potentially better than H2K since they took OG to 5 games. How would you rank EU teams at the end of summer playoffs?

FNC-OG-H2k-ROC. Just because they took Origen to 5 games doesn't make them better than us, we can't apply that logic here since there's many cases where X>Y>Z>X. All their teams have their strengths and weaknesses and specific playstyles and Roccat's style worked good against Origen while ours didn't at all. If we want to use that logic we can also say that UOL beat Roccat 3-2 if i remember correctly and we beat UOL 3-0 so it can go both ways. We just got really inconsistent by the end of the Summer split but I think we fixed some of those issues by the time Worlds came and we were somewhat back to our old form but we couldn't do much more with that given roster

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If a team was built around you, do you think it would work out?

Don't see why not, though I'd rather have a balanced team that doesn't need to play top-centric 24/7 because it just makes it exploitable. Would be best if I can just do my own thing and if the team decides to put resources top then I'd just play around it and if not then I'd be happy aswell. Constantly relying on getting resources is a weakness.

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Tips Masteries Runes Build Path for Riven preseason 6 ? I look to you as the Riven God im NA fan

I think Youmuu-BC-Death's Dance without CDR boots or youmuu-BC-Hydra/QSS with cdr boots. I think 18-0-12 or 12-18-0 work just as good. Runes just 15 AD flat armor/scaling hp and scaling MR depending on matchup. You can also try 10% cdr 11 AD runepage and just do the 2nd build without CDR boots

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