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@officialaskfmpage copied u all

No, we're the same! We're gonna let that team work from now on!

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Harry Styles have ask acount ??


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The real Lea Michele @LeaMicheleSarfatiReal

Gonna check her account.

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Bella Thorne's account? :)

Alli's Kiss 2
She doesn't have an account here. They're all fakes.

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There's other people claiming to be ask authorities and I believed them for a while, good to know they don't even speak english properly. However, they're giving a fake account saying it's me and they don't even want to check mine. Please, Check my proofs and don't let my fans believe in fakes.

We think you are real, but we're gonna keep checking your account.

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Selena Gomez's account ?(:

We'll be with Selena Gomez next week, we'll tell you!

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the real ash benson is @ashvictoriabenzo :D

We have already checked this account, and she's not real.

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ashley benson's account?

we're checkinh @ashleyvictoriabenson's account, but we're not sure yet.

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I disabled this account..but you should now,I activate!

What? we're not gonna deactivate this account. We're support.

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Ok,I will check Selena Gomez's need something?

You copied the bio of this account...who are you?

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Harry Styles' please :)

why Victoria(real) says is real?

Maybe she's fake too.. @arianagrandefromfriday2nextfriday is the only one real.

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We will be with Selena Gomez next week, we will ask her.

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Zac Efron's please :D

who is da real account of diamond white, the girl who was on xfactor usa 2012

Alex pettifer?

He doesn't have an account here

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yea yea. i call police now

You are seriously stupid. Bye.

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Dave Grohl?

He doesn't have an ask

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I don't think that cody simpson ask is real because my friends are seeing him live right now, why would he be on here if he's at a concert? :S

He is not online right now.

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Does any rock artists have an ask fm ? :)

Yes, but just a few. You can ask us any.

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