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How many more years will you and Tim wait to get married ? How many more kids will you want to have In the future ?

I'm not sure there is no rush on anything

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How is your relationship with you and your boyfriend? I'm happy that you have found someone who has respect for you and treats you the way that all females should be treated.

It is good thank you

Instagram he keeps leaving random notes and posting them then a half day later they are gone lekota Koch and it says in the bio what's seen on her page is not for the world to know I just think it's wrong for them to still be bashing you I would screenshot but I haven't figured out how on the edge6

It is what it is
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Matt said that he's paid you 1200 this month alone is child support and you still don't allow him constant access to his daughter and he claims that you use no judgement with who is around your daughter ummm someone is jealous

Where is this?

How would you feel if Bellie says she wants to move with Matt ?

Depending on how old she is I have not much say but I'm not worried about that

Omg Matt is saying him and koda are parents of a angel baby and wishing koda happy Mother's Day !! I don't think getting a abortion and murdering your child makes you a mother which last year she bragged about her abortion they are sick in the head and need non stop attention people to feel good

It is what it is I don't know their story nor do I choose to know so I have no comment for it

Happy Mother's Day !!to a real mother !!! Unlike some people on Instagram and Facebook who are claiming the title to the children they aborted!! Be proud of your self !!! Bellie is who she is because of you being a great mother to her not her because her Sperm donor who comes and go out of her life!

Thank you
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Lekota is such a self absorbed individual!!!! Matt has no consideration of you being his child's mother and the fact she is awesome because you raise her to be that way!! They are both such losers karma is bitch I hope they get what's coming to those druggies!!!

It is what it is


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