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You were in my Teen Living class my freshman year and you were always so nice to everyone and so funny. I wish I talked to you. You were friends with shameiah and Victoria so I didn't think you would think I am cool to. Then I saw your story on Facebook and regret not talking to you.

Well aren't you a little sweetie pie!^.^ You could still talk to me![: The only person I actually still talk to from that class still is Phoebe. Message me on FB if you want to talk![:

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I wrote this sex paragraph myself can you check it out? I just need an opinion about it. If you don't want to check it PLEASE JUST IGNORE this MESSAGE. if you think I did great making it just LIKE it. thank you so much. <3 don't judge me. :)

Well that was extremely awkward to read. Hmm...I'm indifferent towards it.
But if you're proud of it...then good for you!!:D

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