Ask @OkayMusumeTime:

Which idol group do you feel has let you down the most?

I'm unsure, to be honest. I would say Morning Musume, but how they are now or what they are becoming is not actually their fault, but the poor choices of management and how badly they execute what they give the group. If it came down to a group letting me down because of management, then it would probably have to be AKB48, more than anyone; their company promises quality, and that is not what is delivered, now, and their songs are just downright disappointing. Morning Musume is following suit pretty swiftly, and at one point, S/mileage was in the same boat. They have redeemed themselves, though, so there's hope even for AKB and MM.

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Do you think Tsunku should retire for good and let other songwriters take it from here, considering the not so great reviews of his newest Morning Musume singles?

As in, my own reviews, or other peoples? Honestly, as a lyricist, and for other artists, he is doing so well - it's with Hello! Project that he does not seem to be wanting to branch out for (unless higher ups in H!P are making this decision, not him). I mean, he left Hello! Project, so I feel like he should just not write this many songs for them any more. A few here and there is perfectly fine, but right now, it's like he never left! So, yeah, it's be nice to see other composers take over his job, only because Tsunku himself is supposed to have retired, yet H!P keep going back to him, despite this.
Doing it in his spare time for other artists - and, sometimes H!P - is fine and dandy, it's what he loves doing... but not all the time, for almost every single that comes out.

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What do you think it would take to peak your interest in H!P again? Or do you think the thought is futile at this point?

I honestly don't think it's futile, because I'm pretty sure they'll bounce back again and peak my interest. However, as of late, their music (aside from that of CG and ANGERME) is a bit rehashed, and my interest in their sound has waned considerably because of it. I think if they finally changed their sound after so many years of what they've been producing, it'll interest me. That, or a new group that is consistent in producing quality sound like Country Girls, and one that won't become boring and stagnant after their first five releases.

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