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How do you define LOVE?

We are living in times when the concept of love is so widely celebrated and commercialised.
Is love being infatuated with someone who liked your Facebook, Instagram or post?
Or is it having long chats overnight?
Or it is spending thousands on weddings and honeymoon?
Love is Sayyidah Khadijah‌‌‌‌‌ؓ touching chest of RasululAllahﷺ everytime he entered the house.
It is her placing cloak over him in order to comfort him and to show him her love. It's her being first to believe in him. It is her being first to bow and prostrate with him.
It is Prophet ﷺ crying in yearning after he saw her necklace. It is him sending her friends gifts as a sign of loyalty after she passed away.
Ans It's about them discussing their home in Jannah together whilst they still walked on earth.

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What should I do to make a woman happy if I don't have money?

A For Abdul
First of all this the biggest misconception spread by movies and media that women will become happy if you'll get them money. They won't.
Money is the nothing for them.
These kind of misconceptions are spread by those who are too afraid to be a man.
Secondly, you want to make a woman happy?
Develop yourself in terms of Character, Morals, Etiquette, Clean yourself internally like a Momin.
The more you are close to Allah, the more they will become happy.
They NEED Respect and love. It is their HAQQ, it is mandatory for a man to give Respect, Love, Time, Attention to a woman, you have to Support them, you have to Listen them, you have to earn their love.
Their happiness is in your Akhlaq.
You should read how our Prophetﷺ treated his wives ( SubhanAllah).
Tell me, Where was Adam(a.s.) was created?
On Earth.
But do you know where was Amma Hawwa( a.s.) was created?
So, Allah RABBUL Izzat already showed us the status of Women.
I Hope that you'll understand that you have to mould yourself in order to hold that precious GEM of Allah Subhana WaTa'aala.

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