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Hi, I know that you get too many compliments but one more won't hurt. It's extremely attractive how mature and classy you are. Well, I would definitely like a chance to get to know you, maybe?

Sharam karlo bhai Vip k chakkar mein apni maa ko bhi bech do gy? Hadd hoti hai kisi cheez ki bas koi bhi sawal shoutout pe daal do or jawab receive karo task poora karo thooknay layeq nahi esi soch or zindagi

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If you fall in love with your bestfriend and after few months you are in a relationship with them. The relationship goes for 1-2 years but eventually you guys break up and the reason your bestfriend gives you is that they never liked you. How and what will be your reaction?

How utmost stupid are you people? Is this generation so like this or previous ones were also such shit headed?

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Verified case: 🛑Extremely Urgent🛑 My maid's daughter is getting married and they are very poor , they can't afford anything . They asked for help so we decided to collect some donations. Please help us to collect some donations for her daughter's marriage . You can donate anything you want Bed

There is no need for a girl to have money for getting married. If the man's family is asking for dowry leave him. Stop letting evil spread by not doing anything against it. They'll continue to do so and then ignorants would say k beti paida hogayee bojh agaya. Larki ki family is not supposed to even spend a penny. If one's following Islam. Otherwise do whatever you want.

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I really don't understand, why do people get easily offended on askfm..jesy yahan tableegh karny aty hon, hypocrites

Egoistic_101’s Profile PhotoSamara
The irony is you getting offended by them for getting offended. What a loop! And what's hypocrisy here? Tell me.
And try arguing with someone in the facebook comments section.
Your screenshots of 112 back and forth highly abused answers will be posted as memes on Instagram.

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Speak for yourself WTF is silence is the best answer 😑😑

uroojjahanzeb’s Profile Photochinu
I've observed that people who are in problem are in that problem because they don't want themselves to get out of it. A girl here said that she put food in some aunt's plate at wedding and after that every woman was calling her to provide food. I asked her, just don't look at them simple, and she said it's not possible because then they'd complain to your mother.
Fine. Enjoy the way you're living. Jab khudhi apnay liye choose karlia hai tou live that way then.

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