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Yar boys push up your flirting games. You don't day, "Ap say dosti krni hai." Itnay say to khusra b nai manta. Kuch research kro kuch easy feel krwao dusray ko chill scene kro zra

fat_ass2’s Profile PhotoAisha Malik
Chootye id Teri fake hai lekin baat theek ki.
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I met a girl here on ask. It was around 2 years ago. I liked her a lot. But things went south and we had to part ways. Now I miss her insanely. Gul if you reading this, come back. Please. Help me guys.

zarghamulhaq8466964485455563’s Profile PhotoMuhammad Zargham Ul Haq
Kabir Singh banne ka shoq hota hai phir larki chaar din mu na lagaye to inhe insanely miss Karna shuru kardete hain.
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Last day of september I pray October to be better.

alphawomen’s Profile PhotoAM PM
You chootya people are living since forever with this chootya mindset. Loru chuttu jhand tum log khud ho or har waqt external cheezon ko bura bhala bolte ho
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