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Would you like to live in another country?

Sure..I think?hehe..

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What's been your greatest discovery on the web?

Food!! And games ;) Yeah,imma food lover and gamer

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What name would you give to your ship?

Choo choo..haha

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What makes you really nervous?

What makes me super nervous? When someone proposing me.Haha

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Who is the last person you bought a gift for?

Last person to give gift? Its someone that i care the most ;)

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What is your favorite type of flower?

Favourite not really into flower but i guess white roses. :)

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Which is the funniest name you've ever heard?

Funniest name? Haha. Kick buttowski.

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What is your favorite children's story?

The ugly duckling..Where the ugly ducks turns to be a beautiful swan :)

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thank you, what was your favourite one from the album? and would you buy any of the songs?:)x

Well,that was the first time im hearing it.and..maybe ill buy it ;)

View more - what do you think of these album previews?

Not bad ;)

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Do you prefer vintage or new?

Vintage..everything that vintage looks so beautiful and romantic. ^^

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adaka kamu perna tesurit

Haha.soalan apakah ini?well..sejujurnya,pernah..masa baby2 dulu lah.hehe.

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ada ka awak benci c sikin

Haha..benci tu tiada..marah2 manja lahh..hehe

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What's your favorite holiday?

Favourite holiday? Every holiday that starts with 'HOLIDAY'.Haha

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hye awakkkk :D

hye :DD

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iPhone or Android?

of course ANDROID!! :D

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Paul McCartney said: "If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian." What do you think about it?

well,i don't know..i guess so..but actualy,if that really happens,In the first one will die.cause im not veggie person :P

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apa kata doktor???

itu bergantung kepada hasil diagnos doktor laa...hehe..:P

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If you could ask one person one questions and get a completely honest answer who would it be and what would you ask?

i don't know..No idea.. LOL

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mau tnya ap...xpham la...

Hehe,tanyalah apa2 yang awk mau tanya :3

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If you were going to get a tattoo, what would it be and where?

LoL.never think of getting a tattoo :P

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If you had 10 minutes on a popular TV talk show, what would you talk about?

- I will talk about musics !! or,my life?? >_<

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What would you like to change?

- Err,my Phone? (to Android one) haha..

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What activity do you never get bored with?

- Of course listening to Music! ;)

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