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Do you care about other people's problems, and why?


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What's a dealbreaker in a friendship for you?

"If they think I'm ugly."

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What's a common misconception about you?

"That I'm a s1ut."

But you are Lex.

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Who do you want to find love?


She seems very tense and s3xually frustrated."

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pads or tampons?


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Favorite moment in history?

"My birthday~"

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What are your summer plans?

"Nathan's Summer Solstice party~"

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Have you heard a rumour that you really hoped wasn't true at all ?

"All of them?"

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Have you ever heard a rumour that you kind of hoped was true ?

"No, rumors are dumb."

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What do you do if the person you like is closeted ?

"Nothing because that's no one else's business but their's."

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Blackwell kids with crushes.



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I dislike people with the letter A in their name

"That sounds like a you problem."

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"Maybe a dumb little schoolgirl crush, but nothing that couldn't be gotten over in a week or so."

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Have you ever fallen in love with somebody who is already in another relationship?

"I don't fall in love. Not possible."

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You have an ugly smile

"Thanks Arthur. You'll be seeing it around more often, so you'll just have to get used to it.

Plus I wouldn't be talking if I were you~"

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You give the Vortex Club a bad reputation.

"Really, I don't.

I haven't done anything that can even be used against me.

Pointing fingers at the wrong person, dude."

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Post a selfie!


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What was your most recent kiss like and who was it with?

"Probably with that last guy I had a picture with, my ex~ And I don't know???"

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Cutest friendship and cutest romantic relationship at Blackwell?

"Nathan and Tobanga for both~"

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What's your worst fear?

"People can use that against me~"

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What made you turn out so rude?

"I'm not rude, I'm honest. People these days are so sensitive and get offended over everything and anything that not even the truth is allowed anymore.

There's a difference between rude and brutally honest. Learn it."

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way too unattractive for you

"I'm not shallow. Pft. I don't go for looks, I go for how they treat me."

Well, as long as they compliment her from time to time she's fine.

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PAP of you and your ex