What are your opinions on the following people: Nathan, Trent, Blair, Taylor, Lucian, Boone, Victoria, Lex, Gabriel, Howie, Kate and Marshall

"Lex: Drop dead gorgeous~
Nathan: He's the f**kin' man, you go dude!
Trent: Seems pretty cool~ A lot of people I know talk to him.
Blair: ... She's a female who attends this school.
Taylor: Fashion Queen, great photographer, amazing hair~ She's a good friend.
Lucian: He's a cool dude. I guess he has nice hair? That's what Boone says~
Boone: Nice head shape. Pft, you're probably going to get offended over that~
Victoria: What can I say? Queen Bee, Killer photo skills~ Absolutely fabulous~
Gabriel: Seems alright. Haven't spoken to him.
Howie: Major social justice warrior from what I've seen. Seems like a good friend, but maybe needs to not get beat up by Zach again?
Kate: Very nice girl from what I've seen.
Marshall: He's a dude~"

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