What 'awards' (e.g best looking, funniest) would you give to these people: Simon, Blair, Boone, Taylor, Nathan, Victoria, Noah, Lex, Gabriel, Dana, Arthur, Lucian

"Blair and Vic are tied for biggest B award~" So mean Lex.
"Boone wins" biggest head award "tight clothes award. ...Please retire now.
Lucian wins most patient boyfriend~" Haha taking more shots at Boone.
"Taylor wins best style~
Nathan wins best party thrower~ And like only party thrower.
Noah and Simon win cutest friends~ Hope they stay that way.
Dana gets best cheerleader~
Gabriel gets... Nice jawline?
Arthur gets shadiest dude award~
And Lex most obviously and deservingly gets prettiest girl in school award like come /on/."

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