Ask @Originalkierstycutie:

Are you happy highschool is over? / describe it

I AM BEYOND HAPPY FOR 12 reasons (and my descriptions):
1) Everyone in highschool is fake as fuck
2) Only a few people have their priorities straight
3) The countless about of drama is draining
4) Everyone try's to compete to be the best
5) People only fw you when it benefits them
6) Girls talk shit behind their best friends 99% of the time
7) High schoolers think it's attractive to drink, do drugs and black out every weekend
8) Everyone acts like they have the maturity of a 10 year old.
9) The people you are friends with in highschool won't talk to you when your done besides 1-2.
10) No one actually gives a fuck about school work unless they plan on going to post secondary.
11) You'll have people who are mature enough to pass for 30 and you'll have people immature enough to barley pass for 10 which makes class unbearable.

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