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Do you miss school?

Would you rather live forever or live 10 times for 100 years?

Forever.... >.> You would never have to experience death then AND You can have all the knowledge of the world and travel.

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Love or wifi?

WIFI for love.

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Is being single a curse or a blessing?

BOTH! I like being alone, BUT I WANT SOMEONE!

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What did you do as a kid that seemed normal at the time but which now seems super weird?

I wouldn't speak unless I was spoken to. Never started talking first. Now I talk to much. XD

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The school holiday is coming closer and closer. What is your one great plan for summer holidays?

Tattoo and G Dragon.

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What song always makes you happy?

Silver Spoon by: BTS

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Whom would you call, if you were allowed to make just one last telephone call?

A never ending call with Linky, the Koala.

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What's the longest you've ever gone without sleep?

5-7 days cause I just couldn't sleep.

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What makes you blush?


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Have you ever lied about your age?


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High heels or sneakers?


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Have you ever been in a long-distance relationship?

Yes, about all my relationships. Cause they are better sometimes.

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What’s the best place in your city for a romantic dinner?

There isn't. But *cough cough* Seoul, Korea *cough cough* that's it.

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Would you rather suffer extreme cold or extreme heat?

I do both everyday so how about an extreme middle, like what is that even like?

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Do your parents like the music you listen to?

Yes all except for the KPop XD

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Which Christmas song freaks you out the most?

Confession Song by GOT7

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What do you want for Christmas?

Yugyeom♥ >u>

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Do you trust your instincts? Have they ever deceived you?

This is what we call a Gibbs famous gut feeling. >u>

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What is better: bitter truth or sweet lies?

Bitter truth :/

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What are you really curious about?

Life after death

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What are the most important advantages of Internet?

Quick communication with the rest of the world.

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Are you spiritual or religious in any way? If so, how?

All I'm going to say is Shintoism.

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Name your next adventure. PAP of inspiration!


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