Ask @OsamaKhan162:

How did you become a strong personality? Tell the weak about it

No one's weak, but the fact that many of the people out there are not aware of their inner strength makes them weak.
The thing that played a vital role in making me strong was my first heartbreak which is the worst pain I've ever felt so far and I am thankful for it since I survived and stood up on my feet again after hitting the ground real bad.
We all have different stories but what matters is that despite of all the pain and the hard times, you've survived and everything is in your control. You are strong and you are second to none. Be thankful for all the blessings you have in your life, work hard for whatever you want and do it the right way, stop dwelling on the past, do whatever the hell you want to and dont have a single shit in your pocket to give about the people talking behind your back, always be hungry for success, travel alot and most importantly : FALL IN LOVE WITH FOOD.

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Yehi time jo iss chutiyaapay mai zaaya kiya hai wo agar kisi kitaab par lagaa letey to tumhaaray khotay jaisay dimaagh mai koi achi baat hi beth jaati

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