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That dancing moment?💃💃

Azka Abid
You about to hear some words, that you ain't probably heard
With all of these rappers pullin triggers and flippin birds
I know it sound absurd, cause they don't tell the truth
They prostitutes, fuckin contaminate the youth
But yet I'm guilty of, the things I said above
No matter my faults still continue to show me love
Na I ain't perfect mayn, but yet I stay the same
I play chess not checkers but this is not a game
And this is not a song, and this is not a verse
It's not conceived, or simulated or been rehearsed
Spent the first half of my life, thinkin that I was cursed
Could have been hit with a hollow, follow behind my hearse
That wasn't meant for me, I spent a decade
makin it what it's supposed to be, hopefully brought you close to me
All these people approachin me, don't even know the half
I could be facin life but Wolfie's signin autographs, damn

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Tag your bestest friend and write a tbh for them for what this year was like #staif 😊☺

Well tbh:
Best bandiii ever to walk the face if the earth *-* kasmay yaar im effing lucky to have a bestie and relative like you mayn funny cute awesome personified loyal and REAL and thankyou for being able to cope with my drunk/high/stupid arse and ego 😂 but still its been a nice run mayn and IA it will be like this cause hell phuk everythimg we're awesome and WDGAF
Stay same stay happy and stay khush
PS Allah karay 2017 man tare shadi ho and 50 bachay 😂😂😂😂😂 #bestfuckingfriendsforlife :")

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