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What was the sentence that destroyed you inside but you kept a straight face?

DariaKhan’s Profile PhotoDaria
One can't really be angry at someone they love.
Even if they break your heart by something they say in anger, you should bear it with a smile.
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Kya seeikha ab tk?

AmnaRehmanRao’s Profile Photoآمنہ
Whatever you dreamt, whatever you knew
Everything was a lie, none of it true
Forget the promises, forget what you know
Whatever it takes, keep hurting to grow.
Kill all the memories, or just try to at least;
Miss your head, when you shoot the beast.
I know! I know! It hurts to remember
The sweet November, the lonely December
Remember, remember,
that miserable December

Poetry pls. 🥀

sandi_1’s Profile Photoسندیہ نواز
As I'm holding on to the ledge,
For what seems like an eternity,
Enough for there to grow a hedge,
Where once I planted my identity.
I hear someone taking a pledge,
That it'll be fine if I fall asleep,
Won't I die if I can't full fledge?
On thorns of a black rose's heap.
Someone's standing with a sledge,
Looking down on me; carefree.
He has pushed me to the edge,
Part of me that was on a spree.
I'm theirs to use, they both allege,
And I thought I just had bipolarity,
Blood and tears and cartilage,
Time to choose which one I'll be.


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