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yasmeensyd’s Profile PhotoZahra Shah
Is this life even worth the trouble?
Short-lived; popping like a bubble.
All these pains we have to carry,
All these demons we have to marry
Patience tested again and again
Temporary joys; permanent pain
Oh, I wish I could give up right now
Stop peddling but I don't know how
I'm slave to powers I don't see
Forces who don't care about me
Barred to exit this torture cell
If I do, I'm condemned to hell
I tried to cry, but the tears have dried
I tried to live, but my soul has died
I'm not even sure what time this is
What was I writing? What did I miss?
And now I will die, bit after bit
You'll stand silently with candles lit

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so here's the next story i confronted him k i cheated on him he started nearly losing his senses that he was really sincere and i cheated on him. yes i know he was loyal but that loyalty is totally wastage for me if he never prioritise me now he's playing victim because I'm the one who messed but

Read the first part as well. Waiting for the next update

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Feeling low. Asking my self questions like what is the meaning or purpose of my life. What are my achivements.. What should i do further in life. Marriage or career or ye sab kar k bhi kya kar lu gi . can anybody help or motivate?

The purpose of your life should be to be happy, peaceful and satisfied.
Focus on your needs, then wants. If you don't know your needs or wants, think about them, write them down.
Your life is yours to live and enjoy, you're not here to please others. It is an achievement that you've survived so far, that you have emotions and capability to feel.
Kya kerna hai? Dunya fatah kerni hai? Jo kerna hai apne liye kerna hai, shadi, career jo bi karo ge khushi k liye karo gie to depress nai ho ge. What else do you want to do that is elusive?

How can anyone *hate* his/her parents? I know some don't have a nice good bonding or relation with them, but hate is a strong word and they are your parents.

Most of you didn't have narcissistic parents & it shows.

People with absent, toxic, narcissistic and abusive parents had traumatic childhoods, and they'll be scarred for life. Some won't even get therapy & a whole society will suffer because of them.

They deserve the hatred.


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