Ask @OsamaShakoor:

Can you delete the conversation of someone that you have been in contact for a long time ( like friend or someone you talk a lot) easily ? And if yes or no, what are the reasons?

yk i never delete chats... I keep them, not because I can't but I don't see the reason why.
Except ofc when a conversation was too traumatic and it'd hurt to revisit them someday, I do my future self a favour and delete them

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Ask anything?

Ever wondered what kind of death you want?
A fast and swift one? or a slow one with a chance to say your sorries?
In a peaceful foreign land or in the comfort of your house?
Having just reaching your destination and realizing your true end; whether in the end you win or lose, or an ignorant but a hopeful death while you're excitedly moving towards your targets.
Finding everything you wanted and watching it all going to a waste or a lossless death with never getting the chance to find all that in the first place?
Ever wondered who would be there next to your bed when you kick the bucket?
Ever wonder how people would remember you? Who would miss you? Cry for you? Pray for you?
Would all these people online even know that the reason you're not posting any more is that you're dead?
Would your death make sense? Does your life make any sense now?
Would you be able to bear the pain? Or would it be an independence from the hurting life you now bear?
Would you miss being alive?
Would you miss being loved? Were you even loved before you die? Or would everyone just say nice things for you at your death and realize your worth after it?
and most importantly;
Would you forgive life?
Would you forget your life?
Would you?
From: Let's die today to live tomorrow
- 2 am thoughts were never pleasant for me, they've become worse now. Human miseries are infinite and somehow all you ignorant lucky bastards never notice all the shit happening around us. Lucky bastards! -

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When does love become toxic?

I forgave you, not because you asked for forgiveness, or acted sorry... I forgave you for my own peace
I didn't confront you because I didn't had nor the energy or the willpower to do that. Not because I don't have proof against you.
You have the nerve to pretend like nothing happened, like you did nothing wrong? You think I'm a dumb kid to fall for your stories? I've seen this shit many times before
So stop wasting your time by posting cryptic msgs for me, talk to my face or leave
I've had enough of your toxic behavior

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