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Chalo aj kuch khy hi do 👀

S H A N Z A Y. ❤️
Your Name (Kimi no Na Wa)
It's been long I haven't called her name
Though my love for her is still the same
But my memory is fading away with age
There sat the doctor writing on the page
Sir what was your wife's name again?
No matter how hard I tried it was in vain
What a coincidence this question came
Embarrassed she kicked me for being "Lame"
"Mrs Ted Mosby she blushingly said"
On my heart she placed her head
Kids, your mom then realized it too
We were a single soul split in two
A joke that maybe I won't remember
Till the next day or end of December
*In an alternate world where Ted and Tracy lived happily together, HIMYM❤*

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- پوسٹ آ بیوٹیفل شعر!

"Me Before You"
You came like spring; loved and went
But darling my love is still unbent
I'm sorry I couldn't make you mine
Our parents refused and so did Divine
On another day in another life
We would've been man and wife
We swore on our lives to stay loyal
But one of us was poor and other royal
In summer I searched for your trail
As days grew longer I went frail
Once in love there's no going back
I lost myself and lost all track
Of days, weeks; my kin, my land
Time was slipping through my hand
My life supported by a strand
My health fell like castle of sand
My favorite season came at last
I withered trying to forget my past
Before you my autumns were just sad
Without you, now they are just as bad
That and with your memories I fight
An emptiness keeps me up at night
I was in darkness you were my light
Incomplete, there's no hope in sight
In winters the shadows grew tall
You weren't there to catch my fall
The trees will soon be dull and dry
Fading away, I'll make one last cry
On the other side just say my name
I'll still be yours, I'll love you same
Death is all but a promise my friend
"The story's not yet reached it's end"

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Any confession?

Here's my confession... "I'm Sorry"
I know that I'm just a mess
I am a loser, I hereby confess
You raised me to catch your fall
I was a fool with posters on my wall
I hoped you would realize one day
I gave my all to make you say
"Proud of you, you've done well"
I killed my dreams and faced hell
I tried and failed to live for all
Dreams and hopes; I lost them all
You wanted me to chase success
I'm sorry I can't take the stress
You never heard my cold sigh
You raised the bar further high
With time I left my friends behind
Deleted all my plans in mind
Then I realized your master plan
I was a show off for your clan
I was shocked at the lamb's fate
Grown for slaughter by his own mate
I've let you down all my life
I say this with a colored knife

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