Ask @OsamaShakoor:

Any confession?

Zara Irfan
Here's my confession... "I'm Sorry"
I know that I'm just a mess
I am a loser, I hereby confess
You raised me to catch your fall
I was a fool with posters on my wall
I hoped you would realize one day
I gave my all to make you say
"Proud of you, you've done well"
I killed my dreams and faced hell
I tried and failed to live for all
Dreams and hopes; I lost them all
You wanted me to chase success
I'm sorry I can't take the stress
You never heard my cold sigh
You raised the bar further high
With time I left my friends behind
Deleted all my plans in mind
Then I realized your master plan
I was a show off for your clan
I was shocked at the lamb's fate
Grown for slaughter by his own mate
I've let you down all my life
I say this with a colored knife

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Ao tajdeed e wafa kertay hain
Ao phir se khata kertay hain
Me apne lahu se likhu ga tehrirein
Ao ik akhri shahkar kertay hain
Tum Jo roothtay rehte ho bar bar
Ao ik akhri bar sulah kertay hain
Tumhe Rab bnaya sirf pooja tumhe
Log to shirk be panah kertay hain
Kitne sajday kiye kitne ansu bahay
Sab kehtay hai hum gunah kertay hain
Tahajjud me manga tha Rab se tumhe
Tum bhi ao ro ker iltja kertay hain
Ishq tuj se kiya Rab khud hi mila
Ab kehte ho sajday qaza kertay hain
Ishq hota gya dard barhta gya
Marz barhne ki hum bhi dua kertay hain
Mera ishq wo qissay mukhstasir nahi
Jisko raato me log bayan kertay hain
Sahab humari hasti tanha Chirag si hai
Hum zulmato se bhi wafa kertay hain

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