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Is it possible to love someone and yet at times they turn you off? But because of the connection and passion you stay.

one can stay if the two people feel the same, but if one of them does not feel the same as the other, why stay, to suffer?

My wife cheated with a guy at church, I decided to stay with her, it’s now a couple years later, I’d rather not go back to that church but she wants too, is it fair for me to say no to going back? Considering I feel like slitting his throat when I see him. It’s nothing positive for me to go there

Let her go, if she doesn't agree with you, it's not worth being with her. If she did it once, she can do it again. do not dirty your hands with anyone, think that it is not worth it and you will see that God will send you something better

if you lead someone to believe you don’t care with your actions don’t be surprised when they stop caring about you

I walk alone

Please do not contact me again in any way. It’s stressful & not healthy. If u persist, my attorney familiar with the situation will contact your attorney. I am not considering legal options. I just want u to stop. (No 1 respond, the person is anon, so I have to shout it out).

and who the hell are you


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