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Otmane El Rhazi
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Do you wear socks in bed?

Yes I do all the time, soft and cozy is the way to sleep :-) it is damn cold here in Europe!

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What's the most expensive thing you've ever broken?

I think a Flat TV, not the one in the picture lolll.

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What hairstyle looks best on girls?

Most likely long shinny hair by itself make it look great. But a nice hair cut diffidently add some beauty :-)

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What is your best feature?

My best feature? Hummm most likely that I can get almost anything done if I have time.

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How do you communicate most with your friends?

Mostly visa Facebook, Twitter and by Phone...

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Have you ever shit your pants?


Well forget about that :-). Seriously everyone does it at some point hihihi.

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What two animals, if combined, would make for an awesome animal?

Bull Dog. If combined they make Bulldog which is an awesome bread.

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Why are you so addicted to

I guess just the Q/A on interesting subjects get you hooked up.

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What color pencil you use for drawing?

A crayon in general.

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ты носишь каблуки?

Наталья Миронова

Maybe once or twice when I was young!

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Do you already have app for iPhone?

Not yet but working on it.

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What movie can you quote word for word?

The snail is fast!

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Do you have official app for Android?


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What’s the last sport event you watched?


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What is the most beautiful car?

901 Porsche

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Do you prefer to answer questions or ask them?


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About Otmane El Rhazi:

Mr. Otmane El Rhazi’s aim is to ensure tailored service of high quality to a respected clientele. M. El Rhazi was Crown for several years. Focused in battling organized crime, he first worked in the Office of fight against organized crime of the French Ministry of Justice.

Paris, France