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[[the guy basically thinks because he can duplicat himself infinitely that he can't die, cause no matter ho many duplicates they kill no one will ever find the real him... at least I think that's what he means

((Ah. I getcha. A pity if someone were to...I don’t know.
Get a bunch of them into a room, and someone merge all of them together to one being.

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+2 answers in: “Btw I maaaaaay have helped AJ make some new Subjects for the Facility *Since they would have made more after Nova k!lled the others and escaped* and one of them maaaaaaay be able to clone himself multiple times and was inspired by Ron and his antics”

What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?

((Hey everyone. I'll be honest here, I'm kinda done with
Almost all of my rp friends have moved to Discord or twitter, plus it's sometimes oddly hard to do rps at times here.
But still, I won't delete this account anytime soon, it's still special in that regard, but I most likely won't use it for a long time.
To the people that still talk to me, don't worry. You can still reach me at: @Ronandtheclone1 on twitter
Just plain old Jeffrey#2671 on discord
Just Jeffrey on youtube
mechasilver on Skype
I'll be glad to say goodbye to this crappy site. But if you can try to reach me at those other sites. I love talking to you all. ^^))

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