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God has servants who, as soon as they see that someone is wearing the clothing of worthiness or the cloak, judge him to be a worthy person. And when they see someone wearing robe and cap, they judge him to be corrupt.
There's another group who look with the light of God's majesty. They're let go of war and they've left behind colour and scent: "If you bring that one out of the cloak, he'll be suitable for hell. Hell is ashamed of him. And there's someone in the robe who, if you bring him out of the robe, will be suitable for paradise. SOMEONE IS SITTING IN THE PRAYER-NICHE BUSY WITH WORK THAT IS WORSE THAN WHAT IS BEING DONE BY THE ONE WHO'S FORNICATING IN THE TAVERN.
"Backbiting is worse than fornication. If the latter becomes apparent, they punish him, and he's free.If he repents, GOD CHANGES THEIR UGLY DEEDS INTO GOOD DEEDS. [25:70]. But this one, even if through ascetic discipline he becomes so subtle that he flies in the air, will not be delivered."
If someone has both the clothing of worthiness and the meaning of worthiness ---- LIGHT UPON LIGHT [24:35]

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Doesn't the heart flourish when the ray of the Real's majesty comes, and when it's absent, the opposite? However, it becomes like this so many times that the heart is lost and melts. As much as the heart breaks and is removed from the midst, God remains.
He made allusions to this to David. When David asked the Presence, Where should I seek You?, He said, Neither My heaven nor My earth embraces Me, but the heart of my believing servant does embrace Me. These are his words, I am with those whose hearts are broken for Me.
When you say "companion of the heart," say those whose hearts are broken.
One must have the breaking of the heart. When the light of the Real takes you to the Real, then you will see the light of His majesty, for No one knows them other than I.

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