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Priiiiiiii❤ this was Kriti from apna the view ka account. Because I wanted to share that we are there for you. This fucking anon💩💩💩💩 Didnt untick bcoz then ppl will think yeh sab apne group ka show off hai and shit. So that's it. And yeah come to school kal pls . I haven't seen you since agessssss❤

The View
Kriiiiiiiii, sweetie, I missed youuuuuuuuu. Baby, kal I'm not coming. I'll try and come to your place if possible. I love you so muchhh.❤️

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You know what? Screw that anon. Seriously, you are a very sweet and a great person at heart. You put yourself just the way you are and that is the most beautiful thing about you. You are one of the best things that have ever happened to me. So forget about the rest, you know you are the best❤

Untick? Don't feel shy:)

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You know what you better behave like a girl. Noone will like you if you don't change your attitude. You need to be sweet with ppl. Your attitude will take you nowhere. You idiotic bustard.

I think I have Alzheimer's cus I can't remember when I asked for your fucking opinion. And, *shutting the fuck up* is gluten free, add that to your diet. Don't you dare summon my inner bitch. She doesn't play nice.

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Last answer!!!uh owned it gurl....such cheap people need sum dose to shut their fucking mouth...they hav no other work except interfering in others life...uh see they dnt hav their personal life...this shows how jealous they can be...cheapsters!!

Still finding an acronym for the word screenshot. I found it.☄️

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Bitch please, is it a fantasy that everybody else's grammar is poor expect for yours? Great then if my grammar bites you I don't mind showing you your standards in my low grammar knowledge!😊 and of the point not unticking doesn't show I have a low standard😂 lmao XD

Maybe it doesn't show your so called not-low-standards, but it sure does show how quick you're to judge someone's life when you don't know shit about it. Stay outta my life, whoever the hell you are. I'd just answered a question. No need to create an issue about my thoughts and opinions on MY LIFE when I'm least bothered about yours.

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You urself are low standard , there's no fault of 2016 or ANYONE else dude increase your f ing standards n 2017 will be better automatically

Don't talk about my standards sweetie, when you yourself have showed your fkn low* standards by asking this question w/o unticking. 2016 was great except for people like you. My heels are definitely higher than your fkn "Standards"
And, my standards and feeling low has no connections. Get a life.
And secondly, get your grammar fixed.

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