Ask @PSUcrushes:

hey do you ever get hate messages? because i do and people are mad about certain posts that they perceive as offensive.. what do you do about that? you can reply on here not twitter

If people aren't happy with something that's posted, I take it down as soon as I can. I screen everything before I post it though. If I feel like what's said could possibly offend someone, I won't put it up.

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hey why do you ignore some submissions, even ones that are clearly not inappropriate or offensive?

1) I, too, have a life. 2) I get a looooot of submissions and definitely don't have the time to either read all of them or post all of them. I have over 300 just sitting in the inbox waiting to be read. 3) There is a chance what you consider appropriate and what I do could be different. 4) Sorry if what you said hasn't gotten posted, keep trying.

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