How do you greet your friends?

Suh dude

Y u like black n white?

eh i want eh!!! 😜

sarap mo sigurong gaguhin noh

aba edi wow

How did you know chino tiongson?

Thru common friends

What do you get insecure of?

many things haha

Have you ever felt insecure before?

Yes i have. And it's not like i'm the only one, everyone does once in awhile. But i accept myself 😎

Dog with 2 noses or 4 eyes?

4 eyes tapos yung other 2 nasa likod hihu

How come you never text first

'Di ko rin alam ☹️☹️ but i'll have you know that i'm trying hehe i have load most of the time now

Pap of your messages

whos janica & why shouldnt i tell her..whoever she is LOL

Lol nevermind HAHA

Whos your campus crush

Sarili ko 😎🏽

Nagpapathread ka ng brows? Where? :)

Sa Laybare
(Lol don't tell janica)

Merry christmas to you and your family, too! ☺️


A wild CREEPY PASTA appeared! What will VENISE do?

HAHAHA OMG I JUST SAW THIS NOW....well venise would greet him merry christmas hahaha

hey light skinned nigga

What did you just call me :((

Shark diving, bungee jumping, or sky diving?

sky diving!



What Wikipedia article have you recently read?

Leonardo Da Vinci's

Naks independent. Just like Annalise Keating. Hahaha

omg HTGAWM hahaha

Libre transpo mo na rin. Hahaha

'wag na hahahah i can take care of myself

Libre convo 😉

hmm k... hahaha jk i'm down for it


make sure there's libre lol

Willing to go out on dates?

Y not

Haha why? Which cet is hard ba

UP of course huhu i had a stiff neck and there was too much tagalog huhu

Thanks :) what cets did ya passed

Wahaha secret


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