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Do you believe in reconnections with people?

I don't feel attachments to people so I reconnect a lot like nothing happened

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Boyfriend is always looking at other girls and checking them out. Is that disrespectful? He told me all guys do it 😞

Nah, disrespectful af

If someone unblocks you on Facebook after a few years, do you think it’s because they miss you or they want to spy on you?

Depends on the person. I do it to keep track

Do you think your soulmates out there somewhere waiting for you?

I don't know, I might have found her but I might just be obsessed
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Do you think your childhood affects the way you love?

I do, my family wasn't that affectionate so neither am I but I crave affection because I didn't get much but I can't show it?

Do you forgive or do you hold grudges?

Both, there's no in-between. Either I let go an hour later or I plot revenge for years


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