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Who's your favorite diva?

They're called superstars now and umm my background answers that question Sasha and Paige well aj too but she's gone :(

When did you first start watching wrestling?

It was about 5 years ago I was watching something on YouTube and wwe showed up and it just got to me and now I watch it everytime they give it on tv

I think you'll do amazing as long as you keep the passion for it. I believe in people especially when they have a passion for what they're doing. Just don't forget about us little people when you make it to the wwe :) I'm a fan of you already good luck at training and everything

Omg Who are you? That's so sweet thank you it really means a lot to me :)

Who's your favorite superstars and divas?

Roman, Dean, Seth, Randy and the divas Sasha, Paige, Brie, natayla, Naomi, and aj Lee even tho she retired :(

It doesn't scare you that you might get injured or get surgery?

Of course it does but I want this I love wrestling if I don't become a wwe diva idk what I would do

I find it so cool how you're so into wrestling you should become one of the divas

Aww thank you and I am I'm gonna do training later on

Wwe is fake tho right?

NOOO NOOO I'm a hard core wwe fan hearing that makes me mad lmao they have it scripted out so they know who's gonna win. Some of the moves are botched but a majority of the fights are legit. A lot of the injuries are real. Wrestlers and female wrestlers have to get surgery bc of those injuries. Some are out right now cause they were risking their bodies doing what they love. So no. The injuries and fights are not fake, they're scripted.


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