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Cricket Fans: Are you all ready for 18th June? Coming soon the biggest clash in the history of cricket ever First Time😍❤️💯🔥

YouuuBelongWithMe’s Profile PhotoRishiroxxx
Would be a thrilling encounter to witness.Can’t wait it to start.
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why do mostly people afraid of falling in love ?💯

Because love would make a person vulnerable and most of us don’t wanna be vulnerable.

Are you happy when your friends are happy or you tend to feel jealous?

What kind of human a person be if he feels jealous of someone’s happiness.I mean shame on that person.Obviously,I am very happy when my friends are happy because i don’t make friends out of blue,they all are handpicked.Who the fuck gets jealous of their friend’s happiness.

how do u see yourself now and how it would be in the future?

I see myself as a family oriented guy who is trying to tick his bucket list with intelligence and dignity.Also am an introvert and shy when i meet a stranger but always been best of friends with my mates(probably extrovert when i find my groove).What future holds is a million dollar question,but am looking forward to be a leader in life while ticking many boxes of my list🙂.

Would you rather live in a huge house or in a cozy apartment?

It’s not about the place but about the people who we spend our life with.With closed ones around every place becomes huge and cosy🙂.

What’s something terrifying that we’ve all come to accept as a fact of life?

That one day some of our loved ones would be gone too far from us.

Do you remember your first friend?

mahathireddy13’s Profile PhotoM °•°
Definitely,he was my bench partner in kindergarten and our friendship is still going strong after two decades.

If you could change one thing about ASKfm for 24 hours, what would it be?

Just straight away block people who try creepy stuff to gain attention.

What's your take on people getting into relationships randomly these days?

hotlineBling3324’s Profile PhotoKarishma Arora
People who are looking to get into random type of relationships are the ones who probably just want to settle down their sexual desires nothing else.


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