Ask @Partellooo:

Starting wherever you feel is most appropriate.

Well, freshmen year I started off well until I started hanging out with a bad group of people & getting myself into bad situations. Around February a really bad thing happened in my life & I was pretty much ruined by it. Then I met someone who completely changed my life & made me feel amazing & everything changed for me. I'm still happy with the situation I'm in even though that person isn't part of my life anymore. Ill forever be thankful for them and what they've done for me.

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I would follow you but we're on bad terms

I'm not on bad terms with anyone! Maybe you're not on good terms with me but I promise we're okay😂 Just follow me!

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What made you so religious all of a sudden

I always kind of have been. I was born Catholic, baptized and had my first communion when I was younger. Freshmen year I really doubted my faith but recently I've rediscovered it and I'm really finding my happiness!

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How to raise your self-confidence?

Believe in yourself!! Wake up and tell yourself that today will be amazing and I promise it will make your day so much better

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