Ask @Patonix_lover:

Compliment - gal, you're never late for a compliment. You're the strongest person I've known😍 I've already told you this many times, but I love the way you answer.💯🌺💕 this gal is mine and we all love you a lot😘 smarty pants😎

Lol... It took me a while to register this,all tbh.🙊😌🙈 Thank you so much but ye bhi Staif lagraha,hai mujhe 💔😔

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Sacrastic Thought ?

Wikipedia: I know everything!
Google: I have everything!
Facebook: I know everybody!
Internet: Without me you are nothing!
Electricity: Keep talking b*tches!
Benjamin Franklin : You sure about that?
Benjamin Franklin’s parents : Without us, all of you never existed!
Ancestors : Hahaha, yeah right.
Apes : Ehem, Take that back?
Cells : Look who’s talking!
God : … Sup?

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Like-Tbh: Hi Shifz 💕 You're one of the best people I've met here and your displays are on point 😍😍 Now easy with the hot displays. Okay? 🔥

HAHAAHA🙈🙈🙈😂😂 Awwwhh hammy thats such cute way to say now go easy on the hot displays😍♥😌 Shukriya yaar i hope this dosti wala bond remains forever and ever❤👅

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