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I Love You❤❤❤❤❤❤

I Love You More!

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What do you know about Brazil?!!!!

It's in South America lol
Rio is in Brazil.

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What's the funniest auto-correct mistake you made?

lol I meant to type FOOT SKIN

But auto correct put FORESKIN


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is bad behaviour still coming out?


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What is yur Insta?


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If the world is a stage, where does the audience sit?


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Y do u have 2 profiles?😧

Kailey McDougall

I only have one

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You Have Kik ? 😒


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Is Madilyn your little sister?

No, my cousin

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What's your ethnicity? You are hella gorgeous.

Mexican & African American

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Flashback Friday! PAP from the summer?

It's been DEAD on this page lately (no offense)😳😅

I don't come on.

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Do You Mind If I Ask Questions ?

Isn't that what this is for ?

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Hello Princeton!


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Would you live in New York?


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Likers Get A Tbh ?


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would you pierce your nipples ?

miss any of your exes ?

No 👋🏽

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I can't wait for this new album


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