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Ugh, their caseworkers discriminate? I know SalArm as a group is shitty, but I had a caseworker with them when I was getting my brain and finances back in order after leaving an abuser. She didn't give a shit about anything but helping me. Shameful that it's not like that everywhere. Sry world sucks

idk about the caseworkers honestly. i've heard horror stories about SA but for all I know they could be better than the ones I've had before.
and turns out my mental state has actually gotten better when I take my meds when I'm supposed to.

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Hey, I saw on someone's feed that you got shafted RE: healthcare. I wanted to let you know that A. Salvation Army has 'case workers' that know the area's resources and can help hook you up, and B. your county might have a "X County Mental Health Center," with cheap/free treatment. Good luck.

Sluts Mackenzie
Good luck actually getting decent help from the Salvation Army if you're gay and you also live in a town that might as well be a ghost town lol

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