Danielle Peazer ✔
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Thank you❤️. You inspired me to keep going and to never give up on my dreams❤️❤️❤️ i love you❤️❤️

Jessie Marie

I love you too honey

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Katy Perry at the O2 with Claire’s Accessories

Danielle Peazer ✔

Katy Perry at the O2 with Claire’s Accessories

Danielle Peazer ✔

Green Day or Maroon5 ? :)


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Happy Woman's day!!!!

Sharon ♡

Thank you hun xx

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How are you, Danielle?

Philip Gipson

Good. And you?

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Hi Dani, how are you? love you a lot you're a really good dancer:) <3

Thank you! And I'm really good. you ? x

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i love you :)

Elyar Fox (✔)

Love you too hun x

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Hey Dan i love you,ask me?



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i want u back eith Liam :3 I never Sophia smile and u have so beautiful smile :) :3


well thank you!

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Love you ❤️

Love you too x

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I hope you'd have an amazing 2014!!! Love you.x

Union J

Thank you guyssss! Have a nice one too! xx #Fangirling Love you xx

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how are you ??


good. you?

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Danielle is the most perfect <3



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Hi El I love your style can you give me a advice?

I'm not El, hun. Sorry x

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danielle you like Jessie J ? she's my idol!


Mine too! She's cool! :) Love her x

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I dance for the cool kidz... JLS, Jessie J, Leona Lewis, Kylie, Taio Cruz, Pixie, Olly Murs, London 2012 Olympics, Cliff Richard, The X Factor.