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Do you prefer talking or texting?

Depends on the person, most often I prefer talking because I can actually have a decent and more interesting conversation over the phone than over text

What about flamboyant straight people??

Flamboyancy isn't as common in heterosexual people because it's not as unique as being homosexual. I feel like some homosexual people feel the need to be flamboyant to prove to others that they are truly gay, which is unnecessary. I don't have a problem which someone's sexual preference, I have a problem when someone feels the need to be overly expressive with their sexuality strictly to gain attention. That's just my view on it, you can either agree or disagree.

Like who? If you don't wanna say the name how about first letter??

I'm not putting people on the spot behind a screen, if you really want to know, ask me in person

Flamboyancy like any examples (names)??

Flamboyancy is basically having to be obnoxious and prove your sexuality every time you get a chance and it's very annoying


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