Ask @PenOnPaper11:

Do you find yourself thinking 🤔 more about your past present or future? Why?

I'd say future though it's pretty even across all three. I didn't do so hot last semester, so I reflect on that a lot to motivate me this semester. This semester I'm all over the place lol in the present and the future, gotta get them grades up. I'm a year away from getting my degree, so then what??

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How often do you draw? What do you like to draw?

I draw when I can, it's difficult between work and school. I don't draw nearly as much as I used to so im trying to change that :). I draw people and eyes a lot just doodles in the margin of my notebook. But for actual sketchbook art I like drawing sea creatures and people too. Im also such a nerd for comic style art. Im obsessed with their line work and how blocky yet purposeful their shading is. Cool question, thanks :)

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What is one thing you appreciate from your grand parents that you wont be able to give to your grandchildren?

Patience? Understanding? My grandpap on my dad's side and my grandma on my mom's side are both legally blind. My pap can get around a lot better than my grandma. She lived with us for quite some time so I got used to seeing how she felt around for things and that helped me to better convey where things were or understand what kind of accommodations she needed. For example today she was looking for a handicap button for the door, she felt a couple light switches and decided the button must be further back on the wall as she retraced her steps, when it was actually forwards down the wall. I went in and sort of held/guided her hand and took it from one light switch to the other, to a painting on the wall, down to the button. Breaking it down so she could do it on her own next time. It's like giving directions but different. I enjoy seeing their different perspectives and helping when I can. :)

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