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Fuck you peri can wear whatever she wants who the fuck are you like shut the fuck up. Thanks.

Hahah exactly thank you! :)

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You're one of the only people in the highschool who still wears yoga pants lol and it's kinda embarassing..

Hahah yeaaaa righhhht pretty sure half the girls in the school do nice try tho!

txt me i gotta ask you a question 1617-285-6818

Uhhh this is John carusos number & I doubt he would write on my ask he would text me

I heard you had sex with Giulio over feb vaca... That's like rape. T-r-a-s-h-y

That's a good rumor to start!

I dream is to have a threesome with u and Jenna I would pound ur phat ass so hard and the blow a load all over your ass and watch Jenna lick it off

Well keep dreaming!

Wear yoga pants tomorrow and bend over so I can ur ass (you shouldn't wear a thong cause it would be way better)

Just cause you said that no.

The other bent over in class and to were wearing yoga pants and I could see your whole ass it was so nice

Haha ooops sorry!

Yeah well maby you should give me one and we can find out if you acually are good at them

Alrightyyyy !


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