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Peri I heard you're like on a hunt for attention for DAT ASSS. I mean yeah it's QUITE obvious. Like I think you just.

Haha yes Alyssa I thrive off of perverted questions about someone wanting to fuck my "phat" ass!

U already know the questions your gonna get ur doing this for attention

Oh yeaaaaa cause I live for comments about my ass hbu say this to my fucking face you pussy. Keep hating jealousy a bitch.
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What about the other way around would you have sex with a hot guy with a small dick

Hahah i dont know tough situation.

You're a very strong person as in you don't take shit from people and I respect that. How do you do it?

Idk haha I guess I just stick up for myself & be a bitch.

You and Sophia have the nicest asses out of any Freshman Girls. I would do anything to have a threesome with you two an fuck your fat asses

Hahahah Sophia is my nigga


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