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Pretty sure it isn't possible to "come out of the computer screen," get yah facts straight

Alright then how about you come up to me & tell me this yourself instead of making it anonymous. Pussy

Pretty sure u post it the most so shut the fuck up.

Hahah naaaah come out from the computer screen unless you too much of a pussy.

That's bull you'd go straight to one of your friends to tell and I'm not even the person asking you those things

No I wouldn't if they really really didn't want me saying anything.

Ok this is enough u do this for attention

Yeaaaah deff then so isn't everyone else with an ask hbu stop hiding behind the computer screen ya pussy

If I text you to see if you would ever do anything with me would you say anything to anyone

No I promise

I really wanna start talking to you but I feel that it would be akward cause we are close friends

Hahah tell me who this is ... If we are close friends.

I want to text you to see if you would ever do anything with me cause I think your wicked hot but it would be mad awkward cause we are really close friends

You never know till you try just do it big & lemme know!

U post this thing for attention we all know it

So your saying everyone who post an ask is wanting attention, lol say this to my face ill deffinitly see yah


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