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why do men mislead women if they only want sex? why not just communicate that at first?

cuntcore92031’s Profile Photocuntcore
they struggle to acknowledge that communication is not their strong suit around you and don’t see that misleading you only makes things worse on you than him

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The feminine urge to dye my hair black is so strong but I don’t wanna look goth 🙃🖤

mayaembers1’s Profile Photoxoxoxo
Do it, maybe you’ll like how it looks and feel when you get it done

What would you do if someone you were talking to online said that the conversation between you two means nothing to them?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
don’t everything they say personal, it won’t bother you but it will piss them off for saying meaningless things to you

Why are men so secretive?

They don’t want people to know what really matters and how to be understood, heard, and seen. It also depends on what’s the reason to why they’re secretive if it’s to hide the truth or prevent others from knowing what’s happening in their life.

Can someone that cheated on you,lied to you for years about important events/matters(like if I was not worth knowing), continuously chooses others over you,won’t friend you on social media but does allow my old friends in(the rejection hurts bad).Didn’t help u when u needed it.can they truly love u

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Why do some people need more reassurance than others?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
Some people have been told, shown, and done wrong by so many people that reassurance is what they need. I don’t necessarily think that it’s bad but working on what one needs should be something they need to work on. If I need reassurance it’s asking for what it may be by their words, actions, and their vibes. I don’t expect people to reassure me that they want to be in my life or anything. Do what’s best for you and if you want to share your life with me, that’s great, if not, that’s fine too.
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R I P daddy. 😭💜😇 It's been 5 years . Is it normal to still grieve over the loss of a parent and/or loved one after this long? Does it ever stop?

Milky8889’s Profile PhotoyEET
I haven’t loss a parent but I know the loss of a loved one never stops, you always carry the person, their memory, and everything with you. I don’t think one fully heals from grief but you start to feel different while you mourning and remember the person who’s passed away. My sincerest condolences to you and may you find peace, comfort, and love everywhere you go. 💕


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