Just saw you said 'how' lol, i'm doing good so, fine my friend

And I say "Who" !
Great to see ya friend !
Hope i didn't miss ya !

The other Who with a lingua tardis :p

The other Who, but everybody know WHO is the TRUE ! I am u_u Pharma WHO from Bordal !

I did miss you but I won't say it. Euh... Whoops! Ooooh you start again, i won last time :p #WhoChampaigne

I gonna erase ya'r victory and nobody will ever know about it. NOBODY !
Wanna fight again ! COME I WAIT :D

Ahahah don't mind, my screenshot has always been quicker, my friend. My victory is already safe ! Plus, you regenerated ! Everyone can see you got another face !

Grands dieux, quelle éloquence! :o

T'as vu ça u_u ? Je suis plein de talent !