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What would you do if an inspector was to come your accommodation in order to check if everything is ok?

I would be very concerned because it is the council and they never do their inspection that they are supposed to do a few months after you move in.. I have been here since 2017 and still not had a visit from them that was due 3 months after I moved in..

Do you believe in love

Yes. All animals feel love, it's just a feeling we get for those that are important to us and maybe we can't explain why we have feelings but that doesn't make them less real

Why’ve you been single for so long?

How do you know how long I have been single? 🤔 are you responsible for the spy cameras?

Today I ordered an online order from Iceland when it came it wasn't my order as 1 it had a different name on the bag 2, I didn't order any of the things in the bags. Has this ever happened to you?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon678900
Nope, I go and pick up my food so I can get the freshest things they have
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I've moved to a new school that has a strict uniform policy unlike my last. All the girls wear 2 pairs of tights, I hate tights and two is soo irritating and warm!! Any tips to help me?

Ive moved to a new school that has a strict uniform policy unlike my last All

Have you ever felt yourself so tired buy you still convince yourself you have things to do?

MissLavFearon’s Profile PhotoLavale Fearon
Nope but I have been so tired I can barely move and literally can't even sit up

why Harry potter movies are in the top 10 on Netflix

I was not aware they were on Netflix, I don't have it but I would say because they are good movies and somebody voted for them to be there

What do you with your old phones ? Do you send back to phone company, recycle or keep them?

cw22_’s Profile Photocw22_
I tend to keep a phone until it just can't function anymore.. except that one weird phone that was my dads that kept switching its self back on when it apparently had no power, I took the battery out and it still switched on, that creepy fecker went in a bit far away from the house
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Do you believe being on benefits your below everyone else?

I am below everyone else but it has nothing to do with benefits..

Do you believe in mental health? If not why?xo

Sorry, what?
Your mental health is your state of mind, you can have good mental health or bad. So many conditions, illnesses and even injuries can impact your mental health too. I am sure that is pretty common knowledge.


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