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your feelings on "love" at this point

ummm, my viewpoint on love hasn't changed for a while, but anyway. I feel that love shouldn't be what we strive to obtain, but rather what we should live by. Does that make sense, I feel like we shouldn't go looking around for love anywhere where it would be able to be found, which is almost anywhere, but we should let love come naturally, I mean if it came any other way, it wouldn't be love. It'd be lust. Sorry, I'm ranting, what I meant to say is, I still believe in love i guess? I don't know if i've felt it before, they say if you're not sure than you haven't felt it before. But the way others have described love is how i've felt, but i'm not sure if what i felt was actually love. Idk, sorry, yes i believe in love (-_-* )

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why do you think youre so cool?

Because it'd be false to conclude otherwise. Although, upon reflecting on my inner thoughts and actions i have had and done in the past, it would be most safe to assume that A.) I do not think i am cool, B.) A is false, matter of fact i do believe that i am too cool for school, which taking into account, school is not the coolest thing by far, which means i only have to be just a tiny bit cooler than that, so C.) If anything, i have the bare minimum amount of coolness, you know like the kind you're awarded when you enter into this world.
But like fo'rells, maybe the reason i think i'm so cool is because i am so cool, and i am so cool because i wasn't hugged enough as a child and now i'm over-compensating for it in coolness.
ha, dude, i'm kidding where do you get the idea that i think i'm cool? Well thanks guys for reading, hit that beautiful like button and... PEAce!

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who do u sit with at lunch?

Anali, Chris, Janelle, Sandra, and sometimes other people but mostly them, who is this? :3

bitch please dont even bring up janelle...shes prob trying to keep u away from him so just shut the fuck up!!! janelle is actully his friend

^this (/~_~)/


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