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Let's have an all nighter. Just you and I ? YOU'RE GORGEOUS !!

Thats very sweet of you, but i have a girl, im sorry. We can still be friends though.

Are you the kind of person who wouldbe influenced by something an anonymous person told u about ur gf?

Depends how far this person would go too assure my desision if that would bother me or not. So no, but it does kinda suck hearing, dont you think?

I'm saying, would you prefer a really good blowjob, or sex that was "ok"?

Eh, sex. Im not much of a blow job kinda guy honestly.

you used to sit next to me in math for like a day and you never showed up cuz u were always cutting but i thought u were so fucking hot ugh :(((

I seriously never liked anyone in one of my classes. Like i was never friends with anyone. I mean you can talk too me and shit if you wanna catch up, but like i have a girl though im sorry.

are you circumcised? ugh i think your so hot :/

Honestly i forgot the difference but i know i dont have the extra skin. So i think that means im circumsized? Thats very sweet of you, i have a girlfriend though. We can be friends if you like. Im a good friend.


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