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Who is the last person you bought a gift for?

I got a gift for a friend named Barry! Its his birthday this Friday! :D

What time do you normally wake up?

Weekdays I get up at 5:45, and on weekends usually I am uo between 8:30 and 9:30.

What is something you wish you were better at?

Test taking! I get soo stressed that I often dont come across as knowing what I am doing when I do just the test environment wigs me out!
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What song makes you feel happy?

Lots of songs do! But in particular... the Panic at the Disco song that says "I'm the new cancer, never looked better." That song always gives me a little pep.

What’s your motto?

I dont have a motto per say, but I often have a quote that is particularly sticking with me at a particular time. Right now, that'd be this!
Whats your motto
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What is under your bed?

I have three boxes under my bed ( one of my beds, technically). Two of them have extra pants that don't fit anywhere else. The third has blankets and more pants...

What music do you listen to when you want to unwind? What about when you want to energize?

Awesome_Greg’s Profile PhotoGreg
I listen to a lot of acoustic covers and such when I want to relax. If I want to get sorta pumped, like in the morning, I listen to a lot of Panic at the Disco. Also, Metro Station, Fall Out Boy, Blink 182...

What is your most unusual nighttime or morning ritual?

I dont know if it is that unusual but I watch YouTube videos while I do my makeup and get ready in the morning~

Have you ever thought about becoming vegetarian?

Never. I dont feel the need to eat meet all the time or even every day, but I just dont want to live without meat dishes... sausage gravy, burgers, lamb? Sorry~

What did you watch on TV yesterday?

Yesterday I watched Forever! Love that show! It might be my utter favorite!

What is the most delicious berry?

I love , love, LOVE raspberries. I used to live by a bunch of bushes and we would pick them fresh ♥
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What was the last song you sang out loud to?

Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheehan I think... Just because it was on somewhere and I sang along! I will have you know I am now respectably listening to Fall Out Boy!

To date, which commission of yours was the most satisfying to write? Was it the one that took the longest, or the one you felt you poured your entire heart and soul into? Or both?

Awesome_Greg’s Profile PhotoGreg
It's really hard to pick since I've written a lot of things, but the ones that I think I feel really proud of and I think I sorta...find to be unique littles joys are Redamancy and Painting a Masterpiece that I did for PoesRaven and the Power to the Players stories.
Redamancy I loved because of how powerful the emotions I got to work with were. I had to capture something that these characters had that was so developed and understood by Poe herself I really had to catch it, I couldn't just make it up and call it good. It was a challenge to perfectly fit into what these characters already had, but I'm so glad I got to. It's a beautiful story I think. Link: https://www.sofurry.com/view/736150
Painting a Masterpiece was just a fun little story, but I loved it! I got really inspired and I got to play with visuals and song lyrics and I think I captured it really well. Mostly, I just remember the inspiration that hit me with such excitement :D Link: https://www.sofurry.com/view/745633
And obviously, I love the Power to the Players stories because they were for a dear, dear friend so I felt like I was just...making something I could just pass right to him and it'd be a message of like "this is what I want for you" or "I get you." Plus, I love Skye as a character and I love developing her look and style and just how she is, she's the perfect woman :P

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Favorite Disney/Pixar movie? Favorite Marvel superheroes movie? WHYYY? :D

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My favorite Disney movie is UP! I LOVE that movie. It's just so cute. As for Marvel, I dont think I could pick one...I really enjoy them all. Really. Everyone is just the perfect amount of action and humor, and they're great.
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Do you support downloading music for free? Do you feel that those major recording artists already have more than enough money to go around? What about if someone puts an awesome homemade song on YouTube that you'd have no other way of owning than to download it?

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I wouldn't say I support it, but everyone does it. I will say that I have learned since following Thirty Seconds to Mars that artists through label companies make little to no money except through concerts and goods, not their actual music in cds and downloads. So the damage might already be done on this argument.
I use Spotify though. All legal here.

What's the best and tastiest thing you've ever cooked? Who was it for? Would you recommend it?

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There is no way to pick this but two things came to mind. First, I have a turkey pot pie I make entirely from scratch. Lots of chopping and chopping and chopping...and the times I've made that I've been pretty proud to save it. More specifically, I once made an ex-boyfriend homemade fettucine Alfredo with mini-cheesecakes for dessert and that I think was pretty awesome.

In your mind, how much nerdiness would you want in a relationship? More privatized, or completely woven into everything you and your other would do? Or a mix of both?

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It depends on the type. I'm a huge literary nerd. If the person was the same and we could get excited over words together and such, that'd be kickass. If they were a different sect of the nerd, too much of it might be a bit alienating like, "I will never understand!" XD I might just...assimilate to their nerd culture though. Never know. I wouldn't smother nerdy urges.

If you could have anyone's character or fursona from SF come to life and be with you for one day, what would you two do? Play games? Cook delicious baked goods? Make passionate love? Or just cuddle?

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Well! I would most likely want just...experience all the differences. I'd want to like pet them and snuggle and feel the fur and then smut, including tail sex if at all possible depending on who it was because that is an obsession I've had for ages!


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